BrightKids Preschool

BrightKids is a preschool of choice in its locations thanks to our broad experience in early education and modern curriculum based on California Preschool Curriculum.

All international and Turkish parents are very welcome to us. We pride ourselves on creating a preschool where educators listen, parents participate and children thrive and flourish.

Our educational program responds to the individual strengths and developmental needs of each child. We help your children embrace a world of materials and ideas, build relationship with others and grow as individuals.

BrightKids’ Philosophy

At BrightKids we provide a secure environment that has a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere which is stimulating for children, parents and staff. The children are provided with opportunities to increase their awareness and acceptance of others. Children are encouraged to express feelings and deal constructively with negative emotions.

Planned and spontaneous experiences reflect our belief that children learn through play and that all children can achieve success. We nurture in children a strong sense of self-worth, as confidence and high self-esteem are key aspects of successful learning.

We never lose sight of the fact that we have a diversity of cultures, practices and beliefs among the children at school.

BrightKids’ Mission

Our mission is to raise our children as world citizens, help them grow as rational, multi-cultural individuals who understand the global world and adapt to it.

BrightKids Founder

Gülay Şengül Yağmuris the founder of BrightKids International Preschool. She is specialized in “acquiring second language at early ages” and “use of technology in teaching English”, and has vast experience and studies in programming and curriculum development in teaching English as a second language.

She graduated from Çukurova University English Language departmentin 2001 and taught English in various schools in Adana, Ankara and İstanbul until 2008. She then moved to United States with her family for her husband’s work. While in the US she studied “Instruction and Leadreship in Education” to earn her Master’s degree from Duquesne University.

Being mother of two children, Gülay looked for a preschool to nourish her children’s English skills after coming back to Turkey. Motivated by the lack of international preschools specialized in English, Gülay decided to open BrightKids International Preschoolin 2011.

BrightKids now has 3 schools in Fenerbahçe, Ataşehirand Çiftehavuzlar.